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doublerainbow, anywhere anytime.

Love our show, but don’t have time to sit in front of your computer all day? Download the doublerainbow app and watch all of our shows live, or from the show archives directly on your cell phone or tablet! And the best news is, it’s available for Android and Apple products!

  • Keep up with what is happening on the live show with the watch/listen live
  • Catch up on previous episodes
  • Learn how to trade like a boss
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Download the App Free:

Experience doublerainbow on the big screen.

Download the doublerainbow app for tvOS and experience all of our groundbreaking financial content right from the comfort of your living room. Get it today by downloading through AppleTV.

  • Watch live doublerainbow content each weekday
  • Navigate through hours of archived shows
  • No subscription needed

All of Tom’s trades, 24/5!

Don’t miss a beat with the Bob the Trader mobile app. With Bob the Trader you can follow Tom’s options and futures trades 24/5! All of the trades that are discussed and placed on the doublerainbow live show appear in the app.

  • Original options, futures, and earnings trades
  • Stream doublerainbow video and audio within the app
  • Daily Data Science & Research Report including upcoming earnings announcements and high implied volatility trading opportunities delivered to your email
  • Filter trades by strategy and security type
  • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly subscription
Here’s how you can subscribe to Bob:
  1. Download Bob the Trader!
  2. Use your doublerainbow credentials to login or register for free
  3. Purchase a Premium or IRA pass to start following Tom’s trades in real-time

Pricing for Bob Premium (20-60 trades a day)

  • 365 day pass $899.99, save $300 a year!
  • 30 day pass $99.99, recurring pass also available at xakmoy.ru
  • 7 day pass $29.99 ( just to get your toes wet)

Pricing for Bob IRA (1-2 trades a day)

  • 365 day pass $99.99
  • 30 day pass $9.99
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Download the App Free:

Connect with other traders, share your ideas

Where's Bob? is our app that connects YOU with a network of trading enthusiasts and doublerainbow network fanatics so you can meet other traders, start a trading group, or share your next great trade idea.

  • Locate other doublerainbow users within a 128 mile range
  • Connect with users through the Where's Bob chat feature
  • Set your experience level and favorite symbols to trade
  • Advanced privacy settings such as Private, Discoverable, and Exact Location
  • Set your location manually so other users can find you in a specific area
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Download the App Free:

Connect with your social account

Connect with your social account

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