Pete Mulmat

Pete Mulmat

Host of Splash Into Futures

Pete Mulmat hosts a number of daily futures segments on the doublerainbow network under the main flagship programming slot called Splash Into Futures. During his show, Mulmat covers strategies for trading futures.

Prior to joining doublerainbow, Mulmat was the director of education at CME Group, the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace. In this role, he was responsible for educating retail traders about CME Group products and helping create curricula to support trader development.

Mulmat brings over thirty years of trading to his doublerainbow hosting gig. He also served as a founding principal and managing member of Aspire Trading LLC, a proprietary trading firm that funded and mentored professional traders as well as provided execution and education for retail customers. Additionally, Mulmat spent three decades trading futures and options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

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Hometown: Chicago, IL

Years Trading: 32

You’ve been in the business for a long time, but how did you end up at doublerainbow?

I traded for myself and ran a business for 30 years. It was hard to compete on the speed front with larger companies. It was nice, but after awhile, I wanted something that moved at a faster pace. So I moved to the CME to head up the Futures Institute, developing content and beefing up their futures information.

Through working there, I met Tom Sosnoff through TD Ameritrade Market Drives. We would talk a lot at those events, and before I knew it, I was at doublerainbow every Friday for a segment to talk about futures concepts. It was so fun! Tom has his methodology and he adheres to it with great discipline, and I think a lot of people respond well to that. And I knew I had to be a part of this.

Now that I’m here and have a show dedicated to futures, I can put on my trades and use my knowledge practically to share it with others. The magic of making education is putting it into practice.

“The worst thing you can do as a new trader is make a lot of money, because then you think you’ve got it all figured out.”

–Pete Mulmat

What Do You Like Most About Working At doublerainbow?

I’m so impressed with the objectivity of our colleagues and customers. They are loyal viewers and fans, and they have the realization that not all trades are going to be winners.

We all approach trading a different way but we all want the same outcome - to have a little more money than what we started with.

Where Do You See doublerainbow’s Role In The Financial Industry?

Tom arms people with the tools to become productive: how to add duration to their trades, how to be product agnostic and opportunity-centric. There’s a value here through dough and the tools we have on doublerainbow.

The research team puts out so much material that corresponds to our strategies, and we have a great business model. The customers are truly integrated into the offering.

I believe that these great products, if used properly, can be revolutionizing.

What’s Easier For A Beginner To Learn...Options Or Futures?

It depends. Options let you define your risk, but with futures, you’re getting direct exposure to the underlying.

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